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Cindy Webb Adams, MMT

Myofascial Release Specialist


As the owner of Revive Myofascial Release I specialize in a unique form of therapy that works with your muscles and connective tissue (fascia) to reduce and eliminate pain and restore lost function and range of motion so that you can get back to an active life!

My journey into pain and discomfort began as a teenager when something shifted in mid-air while diving into a swimming pool at a summer camp.  Whatever had occurred limited my range of motion.  My back really hurt when I leaned backwards, even just a bit.  My mother scheduled an appointment for me with a "back doctor" who prescribed "strengthening" exercises.  I was an active teen and participated in band and choir.  I was a majorette and also a very active member of a 4-H club. Over a period of several months I felt better.  This was my first experience with


I experienced other injuries and what I call "the insults of daily living" as life went on.  At some point I went to my primary care physician with pain just inside my left scapula (shoulder blade.)  My doctor said I had a spasm in my left rhomboid muscle.  He injected my left rhomboid with a solution of ingredients including a localized pain medication and something to break up inflammation.  The injection seemed miraculous.  That lasted a short period of time and then I was back for another injection.  This time there was no relief and I was referred for physical therapy that equated to ultrasound and eventually included lying on hot packs.  What did this do for me?  It loosened my back up just enough so that BOTH sides were aching.

I have seen chiropractors off and on through stages of my life.  I felt better after each adjustment but that relief did not last long.  During the years of 2003 and 2004 I saw a chiropractor frequently for my aching back.  During the summer of 2004 my primary care doctor referred me to a spine and sports rehabilitation program.  While completing that program I continued to have back pain. 

I was told,

"Sometimes the pain doesn't go away." 

I completed this program and was released.  Through all of this I had a friend and co-worker that was receiving Myofascial Release treatments and I marveled that she was getting better.

I returned to my primary care doctor and I asked to be referred to this physical therapist that was working such wonders.  I traveled to a near by town in a negative direction to see him before I went to work but I felt the drive would be worth it.  Indeed it was. 

In January of 2005 I had my first Myofascial Release treatment session.  Within a few sessions I was moving better than I had moved in a very long time and I was experiencing RELIEF.  I had sustained an injury 3-4 years prior when I fell from the steps of my deck and landed on my left elbow and left knee.  I had lost range of motion in my left shoulder and left hip.  I had to use my hands to lift my left leg and foot when dressing. 

I assumed I would always be that way.  I was wrong. 

I continued treatment and in April of 2005 I traveled to Sedona, Arizona to be treated at John Barnes' Myofascial Release Treatment Center, Therapy on the Rocks.  I participated in a mini-intensive that was a week of being treated 3 times per day by therapists hand picked by John F. Barnes, PT, the founder of this gentle and effective form of therapy.  I met John Barnes and I was able to hike and climb into the beautiful Arizona high desert and the stunning red rocks of Sedona.  I left Arizona with full range of motion restored in my left shoulder and my shoulders were no longer up around my neck.  I was a 1/4" taller and felt better than I had in a very long time.

My own improvement in pain relief and movement inspired me to obtain a massage therapy license in order to study the John F. Barnes' Myofascial Release Approach® and aid others in their pursuit of a pain free and active life. 

I know the value and benefit of this therapy. 
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